Blessings Abound

We are blessed to have a wonderful and active congregation. We all have gifts from God. Serving in the church truly allows one to demonstrate the blessing our Lord has given each and every one of us.

Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Gil Pyo Lee

Cornerstone UMC welcomed Rev. Lee as our senior pastor on July 4, 2021.

Rev. Gil Lee has served in many different ways throughout his ministry. He served as a missionary in Singapore from 2000-2005. He was Education Pastor at the Korean Methodist Church of Love in Severn, MD from 2005-2007. Next he was Chaplain & Missiology Professor at Mokwon University, Dae-Jeon, South Korea from 2010 to 2012. Rev. Lee was then Senior Pastor at Singapore Glory Korean Church, Singapore 2012-2018. His last charge was as Pastor to Contoocook and Hillside United Methodist Churches in Contoocook, NH 2018. Rev. Lee’s wife Hannah, just finished her first year of Master of Divinity at Boston University in May 2021. She is preparing to serve the United Methodist Church as an elder after graduation. His daughter Grace is a sophomore at Wheaton College, Wheaton, ILL. His son Daniel is a junior at Scarborough High School. Rev. Lee , Hannah and Daniel are living in West Scarborough in the parsonage of the West Scarborough UMC.

Rev. Lee is serving three churches in the Living Water Circuit which includes us at Cornerstone UMC, Rainbow UMC in Portland and the West Scarborough UMC.

We are excited to welcome Rev. Lee to Cornerstone UMC and in Pastor Lee’s words, “I am glad and excited to work with all of you.’​

Meet Our Leadership Team

Team is one of the wonderful words to describe the Cornerstone community. Teamwork and team unity is how we work, worship, explore what is most meaningful, and meet the needs of the world. It’s the Cornerstone action teams that help define one’s particular place and find meaning. Be it work, worship, one’s own quest for meaning, and/or in mission and ministry to others

Rev Gil Lee

Lead Pastor &
Christian Education

Hannah Lee

Associate Pastor

Mary Fiflied

Lay Leader

Barbara Lavigne

SPRC Chair

Peter Rummery

Church Council Chair

Kathy Moore

Worship Committee Chair

Malorie Rooney

Trustee Committee Chair

Linda Presby

Finance Committee Chair

Melody Laskey

Sunday School Director

Sean Rooney