Another Graduation at The Shepherd Group and Good News Club

Another Graduation at The Shepherd Group and Good News Club

2022.05.12 (Thu) 6 PM

Another Graduation!

The Shepherd Group and Good News Club

Cornerstone United Methodist Church Saco Maine

Small is Beautiful

I like big gatherings with many people but I love a small gathering as well. Looking at the life in detail and deeper, I keep finding that I can not have a deep relationship with many people. I have experienced many people who love to join in big gatherings but truly deeply intimate relationship grow in small groups.

People are truly Beautiful especially in a small group

The heart of the people who take small groups seriously are amazingly beautiful. As we share our hearts in a small group, we are comforted, encouraged, and blessed by a small number of people. Small group is a great place for building, deepening, and strengthening relationships.

The First Thing I do here in ME

I have not recognize the faithfulness and contribution of the people of God in my past ministry. So I did my best to make the best Certificate of Faithfulness for those who have walked on our spiritual journey together. It might not easy to join for some people who are looking for some great lectures, fabulous sermon messages, or great lessons.

The Most Beautiful Part of Our Life

But the most beautiful part of our lives is to have a spiritual companion who walk together, listen to one another, or share some part of our lives. So I tried to express my appreciation for those who walked together with me with their faithfulness to the church of God, people of God, and the work of God. I want to let you know that at least “I” (Gil) recognize your faithfulness and contribution for God’s work, people, and church. May God Bless You All~

Good News Club – a great example of shepherding group

Thank you so much for your spiritual leadership with shepherding the Good News Club! You are a great example of the Shepherd Life here at Cornerstone! I hope and pray that we would have more shepherds like You!!!

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